A note from Pinnacle…

30 June is looming and it’s hard to believe we are fast approaching a new financial year… June is now upon us and the dreary winter months are here!

The 2023 outlook has certainly lived up to its initial predictions, with inflation, interest-rate increases and cost of living pressures all continuing to be major driving factors.

Unfortunately the rollercoaster ride continues with the surge in living costs, housing pressures for renters and concerns for mortgage holders if the RBA continue to lift interest rates – resulting in further pain and another hit to the hip pocket. However for investors, ‘cash is king’ and investing back into term deposits is now a viable option. The drama over the US debt ceiling and the worry that the US Treasury may run out of cash, has affected local markets and the Australian dollar.

In an attempt to share some positive news for us consumers and the avid wine connoisseur, I’m discovering wine suppliers are offloading some great quality wine for extremely affordable prices… what a great way to kick off winter and to top up your cellar!


What’s happening at Pinnacle!

The first part of this year has been business as usual for us at Pinnacle, however it is with sadness to share that one of our own, Matthew Anderson is currently experiencing some ongoing health issues – this currently requires some personal time away from the office to undergo ongoing treatment. Matthew has an amazing positive attitude and so far treatment is progressing without any significant side-affects – early days, but positive news. Whilst we have continual contact with Matthew, his presence in the office is certainly missed. We look forward to Matthew being back to full health again and back in the office sharing his words of wisdom, or knowledge of useless facts ‘aka’ Mr Google! He is certainly appreciative by all the well wishes he has received.

We have been teasing you with the introduction to our new Client Portal. Developing new systems can take time and unfortunately is taking longer than first expected, however we need to ensure that all of our testing is going to plan to avoid problems once rolled out. With cybersecurity issues continually on the rise, we’re pleased that the client portal has functionality for multi-factor authentication. A welcomed feature, certainly in the current times we are living in.

As 30 June is fast approaching, we have included a few articles on super contribution reminders and important cut-off dates, tax tips and some super strategies to take advantage of, if this is applicable to you. Any pressing questions regarding strategies for this current financial year, we encourage you to contact your advisor as soon as possible to avoid disappointment with cut-off times.

Financial year 2024 here we come!

Chris Launer

Chris Launer – Principal