Investment strategy

Growing your wealth with a professional portfolio manager

For many of our clients, a main priority is wealth creation, an area in which we consistently excel, no matter what the prevailing economic circumstances. We begin by finding out about you – your current portfolio, investment vision, risk appetite, desired degree of engagement and best fit to portfolio manager, then take action in partnership with you.

Some of our clients like to maintain a ‘hands on’ approach to managing their portfolios and work with us to learn about investment structures, products and strategies. Others prefer a less active role and are happy to delegate entirely to a portfolio manager, supported by regular monitoring and discussion.

At no matter which end of the planning spectrum you sit, we work in consultation with you to determine the right balance of assets to achieve your objectives, whether it’s investing in securities, managed funds, deposit and payment products, government debentures, superannuation or other structures. Our aim is to have you best positioned for predictable lifestyle changes, tax commitments and general flexibility.

Because we are not obligated to any financial institution, bank or insurance company, you can be confident in the knowledge that your portfolio manager will invest your money in a manner that is totally driven by your best interests. We work on a ‘fee for service’ basis, to remove bias and maintain integrity in our investment product selection process.

From the professional and regulatory standpoint, we operate under an AFS* licence, pursue the FAAA** professional code and fall under ASIC regulations and governance. We use a number of external national consultants to guide us in our practice management, licencee compliance and external reporting obligations. The combined effect of these measures ensures we meet best practice industry standards.

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*Australian Financial Services Licence number 513743
**Financial Advice Association Australia
Australian Securities & Investments Commission