Results of an independent survey

In a recent independent client survey* of 200 financial planning practices, Pinnacle Wealth Management surpassed all industry benchmarks with an overall ‘outstanding’ rating. Of the 450 Pinnacle clients who were asked to participate, an astonishing 144 (32%) responded. This high response rate, in itself, testifies to the extraordinary client loyalty Pinnacle Wealth Management enjoys as one of Australia’s top financial planners. Here are some of the most significant findings:

56% of Pinnacle clients rated their satisfaction with the financial plan recommended by their Financial Advisor at ‘9′ or ’10’ out of 10 versus 37% for the industry standard.

In response to the question ‘How well did your financial practice respond to the GFC?’, an additional 14% of clients felt that Pinnacle had responded ‘very well or exceptionally well’ compared to the industry standard.

Pinnacle Financial Advisors were rated ‘outstanding’ for ‘understanding clients’ needs’, ‘keeping clients informed’ and ‘giving clients confidence.’

The vast majority of Pinnacle clients (70%) rated Pinnacle ‘9’ or ‘10’ out of 10 for overall satisfaction compared with the industry standard of 49%. With such outstanding results, it was to be expected that client advocacy would be high. In fact, almost 40% of Pinnacle respondents had actively sponsored the practice to family, friends and colleagues, with almost all (94%) being willing to do so in future.

*CSI Analytics, 2012 (commissioned by Macquarie Practice Consulting)