Employer services

Pinnacle Wealth Management corporate financial services

If you’re a partner or manager of a corporation or business enterprise, you’ll know that one of your most significant assets is your employee base. A business can live or die by the quality of its representatives and operatives.

At Pinnacle Wealth Management, we understand the value of good employee relations and the importance of keeping them well incentivised. That’s why we offer corporate financial services in the form of financial planning packages – as employee incentives to businesses and corporations.

Welcomed by company directors and managers as a means of both educating employees in good financial practice and of rewarding their performance, this innovative service is increasingly being recognised as a powerful human resources tool.

Pinnacle Wealth Management is not owned, or influenced by, any large financial institution or corporate agenda. Because we’re a ‘fee for service’ practice, we do not rely on commission-type revenues and base our advice solely on what’s best for your individual employees. Our “client first approach” and transparency is complimented by our corporate clients whose own brand values reflect their integrity and client-centric approach.

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