Retirement planning

Planning your transition to retirement

At Pinnacle Wealth Management, we understand the importance of building towards a secure future and, in particular, planning your transition to retirement.

The Australian government’s many changes to superannuation rules in recent years has made keeping on top of retirement planning rather complex and challenging for some.

As experts in superannuation and transition to retirement, we can keep you ahead of the curve, no matter where you are placed in your working life. We help clients structure their contributions and earnings to optimise benefits and reduce liabilities, now and as retirement draws nearer.

Clients who are already retired, or beyond pension age but still working, often benefit from an appraisal of their financial situation. You can read here about how we helped Rose, who was 70 years old, still working and eroding her retirement capital.

Pinnacle Wealth Management is not owned, or influenced by, any large institution or corporate agenda. Because we’re a ‘fee for service’ practice, we do not rely on commission-type revenues and base our advice solely on what’s best for you.

Learn more about planning for transition to retirement by reading our e-books. For a no-obligation, free appraisal of your own personal situation, book an appointment today.