We have set out a series of frequently asked questions, which should hopefully provide you an answer you are looking for…



Everyone’s circumstances are different, therefore the advice your Pinnacle advisor will provide is tailored to suit your specific needs. We encourage you to take advantage of our no-obligation ‘initial free appointment’, where any potential fees can be discussed during your meeting.


1.   Do you have an initial planning fee?

Answer:  Yes depending on the complexity of the financial plan that is required and this can range from $500 – $5,000 + GST.


2.   Do you work based on commissions or client fees? Are you able to provide me details of this?

Answer:  We charge for our services via client fees. Either a flat dollar fee per annum or a percentage of funds under management. We choose not to receive payments from product providers or commissions (unless as a result of legacy). We do receive commissions for personal insurance (life, TPD, Trauma and income protection).



 1. What credentials and experience do you have?

Answer:  Our website has our adviser profiles on it that sets out the qualifications and experience of all our advisers.


2.  Do you specialise in a specific area/client?

Answer:  We don’t deliberately specialise in any one area but we deal more with superannuation and retirement planning over any other area.



1.   What services do you provide?

Answer:  We provide a broad range of services across superannuation, investment, capital and cashflow modelling, retirement planning and insurance. We do not provide any advice on direct property or arrange loans for purchasing property.


2.   Is it possible to see a sample of a financial plan?

Answer:  Unfortuntately due to compliance constraints and differing client circumstances we do not provide sample financial plans.


3.   How much contact do you generally have with your clients?

Answer:  Depending on individual client circumstances this can vary from three face to face meetings a year plus regular electronic communications to one post-out portfolio review plus adhoc phone/email contact.


4.   Would I be working with only one advisor or with a team?

Answer:  Our clients have a dedicated advisor who is supported by back office staff who can help manage our client’s needs.  Each advisor does have a dedicated Client Relationship Manager, but you can speak with any staff member who will have access to your circumstances and generally be able to deal with most enquires.


5.   What makes you unique to other financial advisors?

Answer:  We are a privately-owned boutique financial planning business which means that we are not owned by one of the big banks or insurance companies. We are free to offer advice on a range of different products and strategies that best suits our client’s needs without the restrictions of only being able to offer ‘in-house’ products. Our clients are our bosses.