Game of the month…

“And so selling…was a way for me to walk away from that. I didn’t want to be paying a lawyer to issue cease and desists on the game that I’m not making money from. It felt like it was all going to get really, really complicated in a way that just [made me] pretty stressed out, truthfully.”

Josh Wardle

Who is Josh Wardle? Well, he invented Wordle. The game has taken the world by storm. If you haven’t tried it, it’s addictive.



The game was developed by Josh, who is a Welsh software engineer, with help from this partner, Patak. Josh initially created the game for himself and his family to play, only making it public in October 2021. It went viral by December 2021 and the game was purchased by the New York Times in January 2022. The quote explains why. The price has not been disclosed, but Wardle has confirmed it was at least $1 million.