As scams evolve, so can you

Scams are growing in sophistication every day.

We’re here to help raise your awareness and increase

your scam prevention knowledge so you can spot

scams and protect yourself against them.

We all have a role to play.



Think twice before you act




Were you expecting this call, email or offer? Take a second, breathe, and think. Does this feel right? If in doubt, don’t act.



Have you been asked to respond to something urgently such as a delivery notification or request for bank details? Before actioning, take some time to think through whether this is a legitimate piece of correspondence. If you’re unsure, ask someone you can trust.

Always navigate to the organisation’s website yourself to log in.





Watch the video –

It only takes one slip up

Scammers are evolving their techniques to become more convincing, with sophisticated emails and carefully crafted imitations.

If something feels wrong, your instinct is probably right.

Make sure you know what to look for. Take a moment to pause and think twice before you act.



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Source: Macquarie – Security & Fraud