A franking exchange


Wilson Asset Management have been campaigning against Labor’s regressive retirement tax since March. Recently Labor leaked private correspondence between Chairman Geoff Wilson AO and the Hon Chris Bowen MP, which was covered in the Australian Financial Review. Wilson Asset Management are appalled that Labor is resorting to underhanded tactics and it is clear Labor knows it cannot win the public debate based on merit. Geoff discussed this fact with Chris Smith on 2GB radio recently.

Geoff was recently featured on the front page of the Australian Financial Review stating that Labor will crack. Wilson Asset Management’s campaign was also covered in the Chanticleer column and on Sky News Business. This proposal by Labor is a direct attack on low and middle income earners and retirees. Wilson Asset Management’s petition has close to 19,000 people.

Help Wilson Asset Management reach their goal of 50,000 to 100,000 signatures by sharing and signing the petition. Let’s build upon the momentum and ensure Labor wakes up to common sense.

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Source: Chris Stott, Chief Investment Officer of Wilson Asset Management