The ‘Evolution’ of Pinnacle

For many long standing Pinnacle clients you would have been part of the journey watching  Pinnacle grow from a small team of four to a much larger team of fourteen over a succession of years. Whilst there are many advantages for the enlarged business in terms of succession and sustainability, enriched client servicing, employee career development, and continuing to enhance future professional values within a larger scaled business, unfortunately for some the change in cultural shift is too much. It’s inevitable that the larger the business grows, the greater the likelihood of personnel changes.

At the end of January, we said ‘goodbye’ to both Adam and Trudy Ordelman, who initially merged their practice ‘Sustained Advice’ into Pinnacle in February 2015. Unfortunately the larger scaled business wasn’t for them and they made the ultimate decision to resurrect their existing business structure and revamp ‘Sustained Advice’.  Whilst it’s not our ambition to see people go, we do understand that one mould doesn’t necessarily suit everyone and people do move on. We do hope the move back to their original roots works out well for them.

As they say, when one door closes, another one opens… and that’s exactly what has happened!

As of the 1st March, we were thrilled to welcome David Harrison, Desiree Ruby and De Woolman to the Pinnacle Team.  Bringing with them another layer of skill, expertise and energy to the practice.

Welcome David Harrison

Pinnacle’s newest Partner

Yes he’s a Hawthorn supporter, but we won’t hold that against him—just adds another team to the mix of AFL banter within the office!

A little bit about David—Before David joined the financial planning world, he served as a Police Officer with the South Australian Police Department between 1990 and 1997. With a desire for change and to retain an element of community service—helping people, he then embarked on the financial planning industry in 1997 before starting his own venture ’Money Options’ in 1999.

Just like Pinnacle in the early days, David could see a great opportunity to add further depth to his smaller practice and the opportunity to join a bigger financial planning practice providing them with scale and diversity—one of the main driving factors for David to align Money Options with Pinnacle.

David strives on providing his clients with ongoing professional service which he believes is the key to the high quality and long term relationships he holds with his clients.

Desiree Ruby

Client Relationship Manager

Desiree, also known as ‘David’s right hand lady’ has also embraced the move to Pinnacle. Having being part of Money Options since 2012 and new to the financial services industry at that time, Desiree has over 20 years’ experience within a broad range of administration roles. During her time at Money Options, Desiree’s role was to oversee the majority of client related projects and procedures. This aided in a smoothly run office and ensured client service standards were managed effectively. Desiree will be a great asset to Pinnacle, adding another level to the administration team.


De Woolman

Loan Consultant

We also welcome De as Pinnacle’s Loan Consultant, a new service offering within Pinnacle’s suite of services!

De has been working within the finance industry for over 25 years, initially with a major financial institution in 1987 and working her way up to the position of Lending Manager writing consumer loans. De then continued to work with other financiers within her own consultancy, giving her the flexibility to raise her family. Over the years, De has renovated and sold several residential properties which has given her a broad range of experience and knowledge in the real estate market.

So if you have a need for a new loan or want to look at restructuring a better deal, let De do the hard work for you.