Macquarie Authenticator

For many of our clients that utilise Macquarie Banking Online or hold Macquarie cash products, including the Macquarie Cash Management Account (CMA), will now require the Macquarie Authenticator App – a streamlined digital way for you to approve transactions and payments, including payments initiated by your adviser.


What is Authenticator?

The mobile authenticator app provides real-time control to approve or deny transactions and other account activity. You’ll receive push notifications instead of SMS. All you need to do is verify the payment details are correct in the app and simply tap to approve or deny.

The app is more secure than SMS because it’s connected to your device, not your phone number. It sends push notifications via your mobile network and can work over wi-fi when you travel.


Setting up Macquarie Authenticator


Link your device to your Macquarie ID

Follow the prompts in the app to link your device. This can either be done through a personal QR code, or manually – you’ll need to have your Macquarie ID handy.

Your Macquarie ID would have been provided to you when your account was established.


You will receive a notification through the app when a payment is initiated by your adviser.

Once you’ve logged in, you’ll automatically see the request relating to the notification and can   review the details. If you are satisfied with the details of the payment, approve the payment at the bottom of the screen and your adviser will be notified.


Need further information – go to: Macquarie – Accessing online and mobile banking ‘help page’



Source: Macquarie