The Pinnacle attraction:
Creative wealth solutions

Pinnacle Wealth Management is a privately-owned, Adelaide-based, ‘fee for service’ financial planning practice that has been partnering individuals, families and business owners in managing their assets for many years. As a privately-owned organisation, our Financial Advisors are not affiliated with any large financial institution and can offer clients objectivity and freedom of choice in constructing wealth creation strategies. Right from the early days, we made the decision not to advertise, but instead let our clients promote us, on the strength of our advice and service. This ‘attraction rather than promotion’ approach has resulted in our steady growth and enabled us to clearly define just what makes ‘the Pinnacle attraction’.

A wealth of advice
The origins of Pinnacle Wealth Management date back to 1988 with the company Deloitte Financial Services, which was later acquired by Stockford Limited and renamed DFS Financial Services. Merrick Shipp was DFS Principal and, in 2003, bought the practice, changing the name to Pinnacle Wealth Management. Chris Launer initially joined as an Associate Advisor in 2008, became a part owner and Principal in 2012 and sole owner of the practice in 2019. All Principals and Associate Advisors bringing a collective and complementary group of skills and experience. With a long financial service history and deeply committed management team, Pinnacle offers clients a distinctive opportunity to understand, manage and optimise their financial position under reliable, professional guidance – and benefit from over 125 years of collective financial experience.
Objective Advice
Because we are not owned or controlled by product issuers such as banks, industry super funds or insurance companies, our Financial Advisors can offer clients absolute freedom of choice, with access to the full range of investment products available. We work on a transparent ‘fee for service’ basis, which means our business model relies on the quality of advice and service we provide, rather than on income derived from other sources. Accountable only to you, Pinnacle Financial Consultants are fully empowered to interpret your needs and provide strategic investment advice, based solely on your best interests.
Personalised Service
Unlike large financial institutions with diversified interests and a rotating door style of customer service, we hold a prime service objective – to partner you with dedicated Financial Advisors who will help retain and grow your prosperity. We have a team approach to meeting your needs and provide access to staff at all times who are fully aware of your personal arrangements. From your initial planning session through to implementation, review and rebalancing, you are never without consistent, familiar and reliable support.

Ethical Foundations

Pinnacle Wealth Management is the trading name of Pinnacle Dealer Services and is not owned, or influenced by, any large institution or corporate agenda. Because we’re a ‘fee for service’ practice, we do not rely on commission-type revenues and base our advice solely on what’s best for you. Pinnacle clients maintain control of their cashflow at all times – we do not conduct a trust account, so investment capital is only ever directed straight to the chosen destination.

Regulatory framework

From the professional and regulatory standpoint, we operate under an AFS* licence, pursue the FPA** code of conduct and fall under ASIC regulations and governance. We use a number of external national consultants to guide us in our practice management, licencee compliance and external reporting obligations. The combined effect of these measures ensures we meet best practice standards for wealth creation, of great reassurance to clients.

*Australian Financial Services Licence number 513743
**Financial Planning Association of Australia
Australian Securities & Investments Commission

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As a trusted, reliable financial consultancy with a 25-year history of success in partnering clients to greater prosperity, Pinnacle Wealth Management strikes the ideal balance between expert financial planning, transparent fee arrangements, and highly personalised service.