The Next Chapter… by Chris Launer

Where does one start

We certainly have some big boots to fill!

Selena and I are extremely proud to not only fulfill our personal ambition to be business owners, but also to meet the long standing succession plan of continuing on the Pinnacle business when the time permitted for Merrick to ‘start’ embracing the big ’R’ word.

In our profession we see many of our clients making this very decision—a decision that isn’t made lightly and sometimes out of our control. The transition for Merrick was never going to be easy—saying goodbye to a business he established, nurtured and just purely loved and still loves being apart of to this day. We could never discourage Merrick’s devotion or dedication to the Pinnacle Practice.

We thank Merrick for not only being our business Partner, confidant and mentor over the years, but also for helping both Selena and I get to where we are today and to also drive Pinnacle into its next chapter.


What’s changing

Apart from the natural evolution of age, grey hair and wrinkles, not a great deal at the moment—for us it’s business as usual. Behind the scenes we continue working towards ways of improving our internal processes, system operations, embracing technology changes as they arise and to ensure we keep our communication lines open and on top of important information we need to share with you.

Due to the unfortunate events of COVID, we have had to engage technology through video conferencing, telephone appointments and by making some changes to the way we operate during this pandemic. Whilst its been a trying time for everyone with social distancing protocols and limitations on face to face contact, thankfully we are coming out the other side and are starting to welcome clients back in the office for client meetings. We will discuss your preferred option when contacting you for your next review.

We have started working with Merrick and the gradual transition of formal introductions to either myself or Matthew Anderson (many of you already know and who has recently achieved his 10 years of service with Pinnacle) and this will continue over the coming months ahead.

Rest assured, Merrick is still with us for some time before he officially hangs up his ‘financial advisory boots’!

Without repeating too much of Merrick’s sentiments in the previous article, an area of common ground has always been our practice vision, cultural values and alignment, loyal and committed staff who enjoy working in a team environment and enjoy coming to work each day, together with our strong service ethos and standards to our clients. This is one of the reasons we have worked so well over the years and has allowed us to navigate the practice to where it is today. Without our dedicated staff that make up the backbone of the practice and most importantly you as our client, there would be no Pinnacle, so we thank you for being part of our story.

We have never been heavy marketers for new business and have been very fortunate over the years to all the new clients we have welcomed to Pinnacle by client and family advocacy or by our Accounting network and business Partners in Pinnacle Accounting Solutions.

It’s humbling to know we must be doing something right.

Providing personal tailored advice and solutions to suit individuals and families and building strong client relationships is what we pride ourselves on and what we’re passionate about. The investment component only forms a small part of our service, there is so much more to discover, plan, plot and then track. Together with providing support and assistance in so many other specialist areas including Estate Planning matters, Aged Care and Centrelink support, to name a few.


We all reach a path in life where change is inevitable—

for us, we’re excited to see where the next chapter takes us,

but we also look forward to continuing the Pinnacle journey with you.