Do you need our help being a ‘Nominee’?

For many of our elderly clients the thought of dealing with Centrelink and now MyGov is quite daunting.

Gone are the days where you can walk up to a counter and interact with a person one on one at a Centrelink office.

The modern world of technology has taken over and unfortunately this has left some of our elderly clients who are not technically minded out in the cold.

The initial set up of an Aged Pension is one of those services we would help you with, if eligible.

Going forward after that you will be required to keep Centrelink informed of your current financial assets, including investments, bank records etc—this is where MyGov comes in— a portal where documents need to be uploaded to.

To help those struggling with MyGov and meeting ongoing responsibilities, this is where Pinnacle and your adviser can assist with becoming a ‘Nominee’ on your account.

As a nominee, this allows our office to:

  1. Complete Centrelink forms and statements on your behalf;
  2. Provide documents relating to your circumstances;
  3. Update your details online, either over the phone or in person if required.


This service can be cancelled at any time, should it no longer be required.

All communication will still be sent to you direct from Centrelink.

Adding our office and your adviser as a Nominee is as simple as signing an authorisation form.


If this is an area you would like some assistance on, then please let your adviser know.