Sustained-Advice-Nest-ImageSustainable investing (sometimes referred to as ethical investing or responsible investing) is a relatively new and growing sector of the financial services industry. It enables investors to grow their wealth in a manner consistent with their values.

Whether your interest is in environmental, social, governance or ethical issues, sustainable investing gives you the means to tailor your investments to support the causes you hold most dear.

Perhaps you love nature and want to uphold its preservation. Perhaps new energy technologies make more sense to you than fossil fuels. Or perhaps you’d like to see more responsible governance in a world where corporations increasingly dominate the geopolitical landscape.

With ethical investing, you get to choose who and what to put your money behind, and to build your savings while investing in companies that contribute to a better world.

Conventional investment platforms use screening techniques based solely on financial criteria, while sustainable platforms also include ethical variables to hone down the investible universe. By working with such principles, we create highly profitable portfolios, crafted to include your preferred companies, while excluding stocks that do not align with your personal values.

Alternatively, pre-mixed ethical portfolio options, which are constructed using a consensus of feedback from our existing clients, allow you to participate in popular investment vehicles that may also correspond to your needs and beliefs. Or, for more ‘off the peg’ solutions, you can choose from a range of ethically-screened managed funds that have evolved in reaction to the industry’s move towards more responsible investing.

Sustained Advice is the division of Pinnacle Wealth Management dedicated to the interests of those clients who seek to invest according to sustainable principles. Adam Ordelman, our in-house sustainable investing specialist is one of a limited number of certified Ethical Financial Advisors in Australia and is a member of the Responsible Investment Association of Australasia. He works proactively within the industry to develop robust ethical investing solutions to meet the needs of this dynamic and growing group of clients.

For more information or if you would like to speak to Adam, contact us today.