Accounting Solutions…. under the same roof!

You may have noticed a few changes at 309 Angas Street since January this year, with the presence of Pinnacle Accounting Solutions two offices joining forces and coming as one ‘under the same roof’!

Over the years, the reception desk has been a revolving door. You never knew if you were  going to be greeted by someone or not—thankfully when you arrive you will now be greeted by Lisa Mills.

The humble beginnings of Pinnacle Accounting Solutions has evolved since September 2012, with Gary Matheson founding Principal setting up the accounting division within Pinnacle with the aid of business Partners, Chris Launer and Merrick Shipp.

A long associated friendship and business relationship between Chris Launer and Mark and Paul Furler from Furler Taxation & Financial Services saw the budding  ‘Accounting’ business merger unfold with Pinnacle Accounting Solutions in July 2019.

The working relationship between Pinnacle Wealth Management and Pinnacle Accounting Solutions has proven a successful mix with the benefits of providing a ‘one stop shop’ for financial services and taxation advice—now under the same roof!

We are thrilled to have the existing ‘Furler business’ and team relocate from Clarence Park and form part of the Pinnacle family. The increase in staff moving around the office certainly creates great energy and provides a harmonious working environment.

If you are seeking a new Accounting relationship, then we would be more then comfortable to refer you onto either Gary Matheson, Mark Furler or Paul Furler.


Key specialists in the areas of:

  • Individual & Business Taxation Advice
  • Taxation returns, BAS returns, PAYG returns, ATO debt management
  • Bookkeeping services
  • CPA accounting services
  • Strategic business planning
  • Self-managed super funds
  • Strategic retirement planning


For further information and to learn who Pinnacle Accounting Solutions are and their team—please click here to visit their website…


Pinnacle Accounting Solutions